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The pen contains a silver loaded polymer which can be used to repair faulty tracks, link components, make smooth jumpers and shield delicate electronics.
Easy to make instant conductive silver traces. Can be used on both rigid and flexible materials, including key pads, circuit film, glass and circuit board laminate. Ideal for design, repair and prototype projects. Dries in minutes at room temperature (21°C). Can be soldered at low temperature. Compatible with the Circuit Works® Overcoat Pen. Pen can last for up to 100 feet of trace
Product Type = Pen
Conductive Element = Silver
Package Type = Pen
Package Size = 8.5 g
Cure Time = 20 - 30 (25 °C) min

ITW Chemtronics
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Industrial Adhesives
Composition & Features
Electrically Conductive

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