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Applications include fridges, freezers, air conditioning and coolers. Designed to accurately stabilise large variations of mains voltage. Includes lightning surge/spike protection. Disconnects output when mains voltage is too high or too low. 3 minute wait period to allow compressor gases to neutralise before re-connection of output. 1kVA type is available in production bulk packs of 8 units
Input Voltage = 230V ac
Output Voltage = 230V ac
Output Power = 920VA
Output Current = 4A
Mounting Type = Chassis
Maximum Operating Frequency = 75Hz
Maximum Temperature = +55°C
Minimum Operating Frequency = 45Hz
Minimum Temperature = 0°C
Electrical Phase = 1


Product Category
Power or Line Conditioners
Apparent Power Rating
920 VA
Input Voltage
230 volts
Output Voltage
230 volts
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