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From Sollatek, the Voltright SVS range of voltage stabilisers protects electrical equipment by monitoring the mains voltage and stabilising any rises or drops, ensuring a constant voltage and suppressing any surges or spikes. The SVS series accommodates voltage fluctuations across a very wide range, and maintains an output voltage that is accurate to within fine tolerances. The Voltright voltage stabiliser have microprocessor controlled operation resulting in extremely fast reaction times. Suitable for all electronic and electrical devices, Sollatek voltage stabilisers are particularly useful in applications such as medical refrigeration and air conditioning.
• All-electronic construction with no moving parts . • Easy to install and has a small foot print. • Input Range: 230Vac -29% â†' +23% . • Output Accuracy: Input = 171 â†' 275V, Output = 230Vac ± 6%, Input = 164 â†' 171V, Output = 230Vac ± 10%, Input = 274 â†' 285V, Output = 230Vac ± 10% . • Correction Speed: 750Volts / Second . • Response Within 15 Millisecond . • Wave form distortion: None . • Electronic switching . • Frequency: 45-75Hz . • Input connection: UK13 = BS1363 3 Pin (Flat Blade) Plug, Euro = Schuko Plug , TC = Screw terminals . • Output connection: UK13 = BS1363 3 Pin (Flat Blade) Socket, Euro = Schuko Socket, TC = Screw terminals
Input Voltage = 230V ac
Output Voltage = 230V
Output Power = 2760VA
Output Current = 10A
Mounting Type = Desktop
Maximum Operating Frequency = 75Hz
Maximum Temperature = +55°C
Minimum Operating Frequency = 45Hz
Minimum Temperature = 0°C
Wiring Configuration = L N E


Product Category
Power or Line Conditioners
Apparent Power Rating
2760 VA
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
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