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Hivoltguard protects all electronic equipment against over voltage, surges, and spikes. Fridgeguard protects against low voltage conditions which are specifically harmful to all motors, pumps, and compressors in fridges and freezers.
Automatically disconnects when mains BAD. Automatically reconnects again when GOOD. Fast response to fluctuations (10ns). Full status indication from LED array. Reset when mains OK for a pre-set period of 1 minute for Hivoltguard, 3 minutes for Fridgeguard. Dimensions (L x W x D) 135 x 60 x 55mm
Input Voltage = 230V ac
Output Voltage = 230V ac
Output Power = 1380VA
Output Current = 6A
Mounting Type = Plug in
Maximum Operating Frequency = 75Hz
Maximum Temperature = +55°C
Minimum Operating Frequency = 45Hz
Minimum Temperature = 0°C
Voltage Protection Mode = Under and Over Voltage

Product Category
Power or Line Conditioners
Performance Specifications
Apparent Power Rating
1380 VA
Input Voltage
230 volts
Output Voltage
230 volts

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