Watlow® Datasheets for Universal Process Controllers

Universal process controllers constitute a broad area of control devices that may be employed in the monitoring and control of many different process variables, including temperature, pressure, flow and other values.
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Product Name Notes
Single Loop PID Controller -- EZ-ZONE® PM Express
Single Loop PID Controller -- SERIES F4P
All Watlow single-loop auto-tuning temperature and time/temperature profiling controllers are available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN sizes. Agency-approved Watlow single-loop, auto-tuning temperature controllers automatically set PID control parameters...
Multi-Loop PID Controller -- SERIES CLS200
Multi-Loop PID Controller -- SERIES D8
Multi-Loop PID Controller -- SERIES F4
Multi-Loop PID Controller -- SERIES MLS300
All Watlow® multi-loop time/temperature controllers offer auto-tuning which automatically sets PID control parameter for optimum system performance. Watlow's multi-loop controllers feature manual settings permitting on-off, P, PI or PID control...
Integrated Controller -- EHG SL10
Integrated Controller -- EZ-ZONE PM
Integrated Controller -- EZ-ZONE RM
Integrated Controller -- EZ-ZONE ST
Watlow has released four revolutionary integrated controller products: the EZ-ZONE® PM panel mount controller, the EZ-ZONE ST integrated control loop, the EZ-ZONE RM multi-loop integrated controller and the EHG SL10...
Limits and Alarms Controller -- TLM-8 Thermal Limit Monitor Watlow® single- and multi-loop limits/alarm controllers provide a low-cost solution for single- and multi-channel, redundant temperature monitoring. These limits and alarms can continuously monitor thermocouples, RTDs or thermal switches. Agency...