RKI Instruments, Inc. Datasheets for Universal Process Controllers

Universal process controllers constitute a broad area of control devices that may be employed in the monitoring and control of many different process variables, including temperature, pressure, flow and other values.
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Product Name Notes
Rack Mount System -- RM-570-12R Discrete and common programmable relays, wide variety of sensors
Wall Mount Controller -- Beacon™ 800 Low cost versatile solution, audible alarm with reset button
Wall Mount Controller -- Beacon™ 110 Low cost versatile solution, long life, built in trouble alarm
Rack Controller -- Pioneer™ 16R Simultaneous readout, discrete and common programmable
Wall Mount Controller -- Pioneer™ 4W Three alarm levels per channel, discrete and common relays
Wall Mount Controller -- Beacon™ 200 Two alarm levels per channel, easy to install operate and expand