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The principle of operation is when a liquid flows through the pipe, the paddle wheel in the fitting (S030 Flow Adaptor -available separately) is set in rotation inducing a measuring frequency in the transducer, which is proportional to the flow. The transmitter module will then operate and display in a variety of different modes.
Provides precise control of neutral and aggressive solid free liquids. Sensor unit fitted via a bayonet to pipework flow adaptor fitting (S030 Flow Adaptor, see stock no. 249-7513 typically) which provides an interface for the module to measure, monitor and control liquid. Transmitter display modes include, flow, output current, main totaliser, daily totaliser (& reset function). Flow displayed in litres/min., litres/hour, metres³/min, gallons/hour and US gallons/hour. Modes and displays can be tailored when programming with full options on units and time measurement giving unlimited flexibility. Simple, menu driven programming using the three pushbuttons. Parameters in the programming mode: language, engineering units, K-factor (preset or defined by end user),teach-in function, filter and reset of main totaliser
Electrical Connection = Cable Gland
Control Output = Analogue, Pulse, Relay, Totalizer
Mounting Style = Compact
Supply Voltage = 12 - 30 V dc
Display Screen = 8 Digit LCD
Pipe Diameter Range = DN 15 - 50 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +60°C

B├╝rkert USA
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Flow Controllers
Control Signal
Switched Output; Pulse / Frequency

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