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Ultromat® AFK Continuous Flow System

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Ready-for-use, assembled, automatic 2-chamber continuous flow system for liquid flocculants to prepare a 0.05 – 1.0% metering solution, including an integrated day tank to store liquid concentrate.

The day tank can be continuously refilled through a transfer pump (e.g. Spectra) from the central chemicals storage. Thus, suction problems do not occur when replacing the delivery drum because the suction lance is permanently immersed in the liquid polymer.

The Ultromat® AFK basically consists of the following components:

  • combined preparation and storage tank with integrated day tank for liquid concentrate. Material of the tank PP (standard) or stainless steel (option)
  • metering pump Sigma (e.g.: S1CA H 12017 PVT 0000UA01000) with 4-20mA current input for proportional
    metering of liquid concentrate, including metering valve and suction lance.
  • dilution system with fitting kit and flow meter for the diluent water
  • slow electric agitator with 2 propellers
  • control cabinet for automatic control of the entire system.