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Class RK1 Fuses -- LLSRK1.25

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Littelfuse LLSRK series POWR-PRO™ fuses provide superior overload and short circuit protection for service entrance, main, feeder and general-purpose branch circuits up to 600 amperes.
LLSRK series fuses can be installed in existing Class H fuse blocks to upgrade systems containing lower interrupting rating Class H one-time or renewable fuses.

  • All general-purpose circuits
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Solenoids
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • All system components with high in-rush currents


  • Extremely current limiting — Reduces damage to circuits and equipment under short-circuit conditions. Stops damaging short circuits faster than any mechanical protective device.
  • 300kA Interrupting Rating — Littelfuse self-certified to 300,000 amperes as standard. Meets future trend towards higher available short circuit currents.
  • Reduced costs — Current limiting design often permits use of readily available, less costly equipment. Low resistance design reduces power consumption and utility bills.
  • Excellent time delay — True dual-element construction, with separate non-fatiguing thermally-reversible spring-loaded thermal overload element, withstands repeated surges within rated time delay without opening needlessly. Eliminates needless downtime caused by power surges or equipment demands.

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Rated Voltage
600 volts

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