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Group 11 Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-260

Group 11 Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-260 -- View Larger Image
Group 11 Quarter Turn Valve Drive -- Model 11-260-Image

Precise, reliable, and consistent positioning of control valves is of critical importance in maintaining overall process control. Beck’s unique ability to quickly, accurately, and consistently track the control signal allows you to fully utilize your control system’s capabilities. This can significantly decrease process variability, improve product quality, and reduce operating costs.

Group 11 valve drives are engineered for direct coupling on quarter-turn ball, plug, and butterfly valves. They may also be installed using specially engineered crank arm and linkage arrangements.

Valves and drives may be ordered together as pre-engineered assemblies ready for drop-in installation. Or drives can be supplied separately along with the necessary hardware for field installation on existing valves.

Product Category
Electric Rotary Actuators
Basic Search
Supply Voltage
120 to 240 volts
Maximum Torque
3000 In-lbs (3459 kg-cm)
Operating Temperature
-40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)
Rotation Angle
100°; Multiple Position (optional feature); Adjustable Angle One Side (optional feature)

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Rotational Output
Body Material