Allied Electronics, Inc. Datasheets for Motor Starters and Contactors

Motor starters and contactors are motor-starting devices. They combine a contactor with overload protection and are designed for starting AC or DC motors.
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Product Name Notes
Features: For GV2P When Used in UL 508 Type E Applications
Features: Two LEDs to Indicate “Power-ON” and Motor “Up-to-Speed” (Full Voltage) Selectable Kickstart for “Hard-to-Start” Loads A Built-In Bypass Contactor for Cool, Reliable Operation 45 mm Width DIN Rail or...
Auxiliary contact block for K-line contactors, 10A inductive, screw clamp.
Compensated relays with manual or automatic reset, with relay trip indicator, for AC or DC. Features: Standard Tripping Time: Between 6 and 20 Sec. for 7.2 × the Setting Current...
Eaton's new line of Cutler-Hammer® XT Miniature Controls includes nonreversing and reversing mini contactors, mini overload relays and snap-on accessories. A wide range of applications is possible including small electrical...
Eaton's new line of XT Contactors and Starters includes non-reversing and reversing contactors, overload relays and a variety of related accessories. Because XT meets IEC, UL, CSA, CCC and CE...
Eaton's new Manual Motor Protectors (MMPs) feature a pushbutton or rotary ON/OFF manual disconnect, class 10 adjustable bimetallic overload relay and fixed magnetic short circuit trip capability in one compact...
GV2 devices are 3-pole, horsepower-rated manual starters. They include a manual disconnect, Class 10 thermal overload relay and an instantaneous magnetic trip mechanism in one compact unit. Either GV2M (Pushbutton)...
K-Line Mini-contactors and overload relays are ideal for general-duty applications where small size and reliability are key concerns. Features: Space Savings IP20 Touch-Safe Terminals DIN Rail or Panel Mount 3-Pole...
Square D NEMA Type S starters represents the benchmark to which other starters are produced to meet NEMA standards. Square D has added solid state motor overload protection to the...
The Altistart® 01 soft start enhances starting performance by ensuring a smooth and controlled start for asynchronous motors, while providing torque surge suppression during both the starting and stopping operation.
The Control Units contain solid state overload relay and control power source for the U-Line motor starter.
The D-Line contactors and overload relays are the largest selling contactor line in the world. They offer high reliability with long mechanical life and the most complete accessories in the...
The GV family of products are 3-pole, horsepower rated, UL 508 listed, manual starters. They include a manual disconnect, class 10 ambient-compensated thermal overload relay, and an instantaneous magnetic trip...
The new XT IEC Open Non-reversing Manual Motor Controllers from Eaton's electrical business combine a Manual Motor Protector with an IEC Contactor(s) to provide a complete motor protection solution by...
The Uline is a modular designed self protected UL508E starter. Select the 45 mm wide self-protected power base which can be panel or 35 mm DIN rail mounted. Select the...
These functions modules provide hard contacts to indicate various operating conditions of the TeSys U starter.
These overload relays are designed for the protection of motors. They are ambient-compensated and phase-failure sensitive. For direct mounting, the relays are placed under the contactors with screw clamp terminals...
AS16-30-10S-20 24V50/60HZ Contactor
Block, Contactor Time Delay Auxilary Contact
Contactor 600V, 80A, IEC + Options
Contactor Mech, Latch Contact Block, IEC
Contactor Switch, 3PST, 9amp, IEC, Mounting type: Din Rail
Contactor, 12 A Current Rating, 600 VAC Voltage Rating
Contactor, 575VAC, IEC+Options, 9A
Contactor, 600VAC, 32 Amp, 1EC + Options
Contactor, Auxiliary Contact Block, 4PST-3NO/1NC
Contactor, Lead Process Compatible: NO,Peak Reflow Compatible (260C)
Contactor, Poles:3, 20A, 2.2kw 24 VDC
Contactor, Power, Poles:1, SPST-NO, 9A,Mount Type: DIN Rail
Contactor, Supressor
Contactor, up to 30 HP at 460/575 VAC 3-PH., 120 VAC Ctrl., 3-Pole (3 NO)
Contactor, UP TO 30HP AT 575/600VAC 3-PH., 24VDC CTRL., 3-POLE (3 N.O.)
Contactor, up to 40 HP at 460/575VAC 3-PH., 24 VAC CTRL., 3-Pole (3 NO)
CONTACTOR, UP TO 7.5 HP AT 575/600 VAC 3-PH., 120 VAC CTRL., 1 NO/1 NC AUX
MS Three Phase Adjustable Trip Economy Manual Motor Controller, 1.8 nm Torque Due to it's high breaking capacity with high current limitation, the MS Manual Motor Controllers provide optimum protection...
Power Contactor, 7.5hp Horsepower, Inductive Current: 12A,Resistive Current: 25A
Power Contactor, Din Rail, SPST-NO, Coil Voltage AC Max; 120V
Power Contactor, Horsepower 10A
Relay, Contactors, Din Rail, 120Vac Coil Voltage, 660Vac Contact Voltage, 50amp
Relay, Industrial, Auxiliary Contact Block, 4 NC Contacts
Relay, Overload, Bi-Metallic, 575Vac, 65A, IEC
Relay,3 pole reversing contactors,110 VAC coil,9A inductive/20A resistive load
Relay; Overload; Class 10; 37 TO 50 A; Used with TeSys D Contactors
Reversing Contactors Comprising Two Identical Horizontal Mounting The D-Line contactors and overload relays are the largest selling contactor line in the world. They offer high reliability with long mechanical life...
Soft Start; 320A, 125HP@230VAC, 250HP@460VAC, 300HP@575VAC; Altistart 48