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Diesel Generator Set -- P165-1

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Diesel Generator Set -- P165-1-Image

FG Wilson provides a range of Diesel Generator set models typically used for power in offices, shops, clinics, and for domestic purposes.

The 26 - 200 kVA product range consists of 27 models, specifically designed to offer optimum Performance, Durability and Serviceability to meet your power needs.

This intelligent product redesign introduces a common sense component arrangement significantly improving the serviceability of generator sets. Improved cable access and same side positioning of frequently serviced items are just two such enhancements. The enclosed product range combines a robust galvanised steel construction with durable corner posts and unique, modular air handling units. Constructed from a high-grade composite material these elements offer further resistance to corrosion and handling damage. Designed To Deliver More...the new 26-200 kVA range is the number one choice for your power needs.

All models are tested within standard reference conditions 25ºC (77ºF) Air Inlet Temp, 100 m (328ft) A.S.L. 30% relative humidity.

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