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Programmable Delay Line -- PDL-100A

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Our newest series, the PDL-100A offers high-resolution electrical delay based on the Electro-Mechanical Trombone delay line structure. The base model PDL-100A-625.0PS offers total delay from 0 to 625.0 ps and signal input bandwidth from DC to 18 GHz. Additional models in the series offer up to 100 ns of delay or more depending on customer requirements. Typical models with delay extensions are at 1.25 nanosecionds (ns), 10.0 ns, and 20.0 ns of total delay.

An internal stepper motor produces precise delay steps with a resolution to 0.5 ps when operated in series connected single channel mode. The patented Electro-Mechanical Trombone design has an outstanding operational lifetime with a recommended service interval of 500,000 operations. Precision and accuracy is to 0.1%, ± 0.2 ps.
In the standard set-up (series connected), two identical 312.5 ps trombone sections are connected in series via a short semi-rigid coaxial cable accessible at the front panel. The series connected configuration provides a full delay range of 625.0 ps with 0.50 ps step resolution. Alternatively, if the short semi-rigid coaxial cable is removed to single channel (parallel connected) operation, two very tightly phase matched delay lines are available each with a total delay range of 312.50 ps and a higher resolution of 0.25 ps.

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