O'Keefe Controls Co. Datasheets for Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers utilize technologies such as refrigeration, desiccant adsorption, and membrane filtration to remove contaminants, particularly water, from the air.
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Product Name Notes
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-141C-1
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-141C-2
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-141C-3
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-142C-1
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-142C-2
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-415B-1
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-415B-2
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-415B-3
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-416B-1
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-416B-2
Series 415 and 416 air dryer systems include the 311C series dryer, and enclosure and two filters completely assembled and ready for installation. The filters have automatic drains for discharge...
Point of Use Air Dryer -- OKC-2039-1
Point of Use Air Dryer -- OKC-2039-2
Point of Use Air Dryer -- OKC-2039-3
The "point-of-use" compressed air dryer removes liquid water using filters; and reduces the pressure dew point of the air through pressure reduction. The system consists of a prefilter and a...
Standard Air Dryer -- 311C-16
Standard Air Dryer -- 311C-22
Standard Air Dryer -- 311C-31
Standard Air Dryer -- 311C-39
Standard Air Dryer -- 311C-46
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-2016-16
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-2016-22
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-2016-31
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-2016-39
Standard Air Dryer -- OKC-2016-46
The 311C series air dryer is an insert module intended to be installed within an enclosure. The unit is a self-regenerative compressed air dryer which removes water vapor continuously using...
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1557-1
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1557-1F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1557-2
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1557-2F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1557-3
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1557-3F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1558-1
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1558-1F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1558-2
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1558-2F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1558-3
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1558-3F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1559-1
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1559-1F
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1559-2
Compact Air Dryer -- OKC-1559-2F
The compact air dryer series meets the needs of certain low flow applications where very dry compressed air is required, i.e., atmospheric dew point of minus 50 °F or lower.
High Flow Air Dryer -- OKC-2042-1
High Flow Air Dryer -- OKC-2042-2
High Flow Air Dryer -- OKC-2042-3
High Flow Air Dryer -- OKC-2043-1
High Flow Air Dryer -- OKC-2043-2
High Flow Air Dryer -- OKC-2043-3
The series 2042 and series 2043 high flow air dryers will handle up to 20 scfm at supply pressure of 80 to 125 psig. Using a solid state timer, three...