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Festo DSNU series roundline pneumatic cylinder offer excellent running performance and long service life. Featuring a stainless steel piston rod with external and internal thread options. An extensive range of accessories makes it possible to install the DSNU cylinders virtually anywhere.
Action = Double
Rods = Single
Bore = 12mm
Stroke = 15mm
Maximum Operating Pressure = 10 bar
Force at 7 bar = 51 (Retract) N @ 6 bar, 68 (Extend) N @ 6 bar
Cushioning Type = Cushioned
Port Connection = M5
Dimensions = 20 (Dia.) x 120mm
Maximum Operating Temperature = +80°C


Product Category
Air Cylinders
0.5906 inch (15 mm)
Rated Load/Force
11.46 to 15.29 lbs (5.2 to 6.93 kg)
Operating Pressure
145 psi (102 m H2O)
Bore Size
0.4724 inch (12 mm)
Operating Temperature
Cylinder Action
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