Hydraulic Reservoirs from Oil-Rite Corp.

Red Color Key, Clear View Oil Reservoir, 1 qt Acrylic, 3/8" NPT, Pipe Mount -- B5166-032AB3RW

Red Color Key, Clear View Oil Reservoir, 1 qt Acrylic, 3/8" NPT, Pipe Mount -- B5166-032AB3RW -- View Larger Image
Red Color Key, Clear View Oil Reservoir, 1 qt Acrylic, 3/8" NPT, Pipe Mount -- B5166-032AB3RW-Image

Color Key Reservoirs are also called oil cups and use gravity to dispense liquid. They are designed to serve as a central reservoir of an oiling system. This oiler features an acrylic reservoir. The lightweight and durable endplates are made from red polypropylene. The item is also available in blue, green and yellow. Maximum fluid visibility is achieved by eliminating the center post common to many reservoirs.
The reservoir design utilizes a permanent bond that eliminates gaskets. A Viton o-ring creates a seal between the reservoir and fitting. A Buna o-ring is located between the fitting and mounting shank. The aluminum mounting shank has a 3/8" male NPT outlet to mount directly to a pipe.
The diameter of the reservoir is 4 1/4" and the overall height of the unit is 9". This lubricator is suitable for temperatures up to 160° F.
Additional shutoff and sight feed valves are needed for the regulation of liquid flow (see Oil Flow Control Valves).
Some of the advantages of Color Key products are:

Identification of Fluid Type
Plants that use a range of fluids (different oil weights, mineral spirits, etc.) can utilize a color coding system to ensure that each reservoir is replenished with the appropriate fluid.

Highlight a Monitored Point
Fluid levels need monitoring, but can be easily overlooked as just another part of a much larger and complex piece of machinery. A colored reservoir can stand out from the surrounding components and draw the attention of operators and maintenance individuals.

Frequency of Maintenance Checks
Fluids may be consumed at different rates and may require more or less frequent inspection. Color coding a reservoir can serve as a simple method for prioritizing or scheduling inspections.

Colored reservoirs can be coordinated with colors on the original equipment, accentuate the equipment’s brand, or complement the factory’s logo and color scheme.
NOTE: This reservoir is not for use with isopropyl alcohol. Polycarbonate reservoirs or reservoirs with aluminum endplates and Viton seals are recommended for use with isopropyl alcohol.


Product Category
Hydraulic Reservoirs
Reservoir Capacity
0.2500 gallons (0.9464 liters)
Mounting Style