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Compact Hydraulic Power Pack -- KAW 24


These ready for connection hydraulic power packs are intended for intermittent operation (S 3) and used to supply pressurized fluid to consumers with low fluid demand, such as for jigs or machine tools or general machine building. The power pack consists of a housing (tank) with integrated motor and pump. The housing of size 2, 3, and 4 features also a filling gauge, enabling visual control of the fluid level even during operation. The electrical connection takes place via an integrated terminal box. Complete hydraulic control systems can be created by directly mounting various combinations of connection blocks and valve banks to the hydraulic power pack. Float switch as well as temperature switch are available as option for the optimal supervision.

Product Category
Hydraulic Power Units
Performance Specifications
Operating Pressure
943 to 10153 psi (663 to 7145 m H2O)
0.1 to 3.4 GPM (0.3100 to 13.04 L/min)
1.0 HP

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Reservoir Capacity
Physical Characteristics
Power Source

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