Respirators and Dust Masks from RS Components, Ltd.


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Provides protection against fine dusts and relief from nuisance levels of organic vapours. Typical industry applications include food processing, poultry houses, furniture manufacture, decorating and refurbishing, hospitals and laboratory sterilisation procedures.
Convex shape with twin strap design, foam nose seal and aluminium nose clip for good face seal over a range of face sizes. Off-the-face design with low breathing resistance. Excellent comfort. Maintenance free and exempt from maintenance requirements of COSHH. Particulates Assigned Protection Factor 4 x WEL (Nominal Protection Factor 4 x WEL) Organic vapour: below WEL
Moulded = Yes
Protection Rating = FFP1
Valved = No
Adjustable Nose Clips = Yes
Quantity Per Package = 20
Style = Cup
Colour = Grey
Category = Nuisance Odour

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