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Max LS-500 polyurethane foam earplug refill pack of uncorded earplugs give you excellent performance in blocking out loud noise. A bell shaped design ensures that the earplugs are easy to insert and comfortable to wear all day. Made from polyurethane foam the earplugs prevent dirt and other substances from entering the ear. The earplug does not back out of the ear once inserted. The Max is an all-round performing earplug, reliable and dependable. The refill pack is for use with the MAX LS-500 dispenser
Reusable/Disposable = Disposable
Single Number Rating SNR = 37dB
Banded = No
Attachment Style = Unattached
Corded = No
Un-Attached = No
Material = Polyurethane Foam
Colour = Orange

Product Category
Ear Protection
Ear Plugs

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