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3M Tuffmaster H8 Headgear is a strong thermoplastic crown protector which is impact resistant protecting your head. The headgear is compatible with the WP series of face shield visors. Due to the design, face shields can be attached and replaced quickly plus the headgear is complete with a ratchet suspension system. The H8 headgear is comfortable and easy to adjust providing an excellent safe and secure fit.
Headgear â€" Crown protector,Thermoplastic,Impact resistant,Compatible with WP series face shields and visors,Ratchet suspension system,5 Position crown strap,Easy and quick visor attachment and replacement,Easy ratchet turning system,Easy to adjust,Comfortable,Secure and safe fit
Lens Colour = Clear
Guard Type = Head
Resistant To = Impact
Body Colour = Clear
Shield Material = ABS, Polyester
Sweatband = Yes

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