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The E Shark safety helmet comes complete with an integrated face screen which makes this helmet ideal for use by electricians. Wearing this helmet protects your eyes and face from short circuits and their numerous effects. Not only are your face and eyes protected but the helmet also protects your head with a crash box that will absorb up to 40% of kinetic energy from impact. The face screen is a comfortable distance away from your face allowing users to wear glasses and with the face screen having an optical quality class 1 you have even better vision. Your helmet comes complete with a 4 point chin strap providing you with an excellent secure fit including an automatic buckle for quick and easy opening and closing. Included with the safety helmet and face screen is a headband allowing to you adjust the head size and you automatically release the face screen by simple lateral pressure.
FEATURES and BENEFITS:. Protects your face, eyes and head. Protects from short circuit effects. Face screen quality optical class 1. Helmet crash box . Allows glasses to be worn behind the screen. 4 Point chin strap. Automatic buckle. Automatic screen release. Head size adjustable. Colour is white. HELMET SPECIFICATION:. EN 397, EN 50365 1000 V. Polyethylene Inner and outer shells. Replaceable black textile harness. Sire and central inserts allowing for accessory attachments. Replaceable absorbent antiperspirant headband. Head size 53 to 62 cm. SCREEN SPECIFICATION:. EN 166, EN 167, EN 168, EN 170. GS ET 29. CE Marking. Polycarbonate material 1.5 mm thick. Optical quality class 1 distortion free. Protects from high speed particles. Protects from liquid splashes. Protects from electric arc from shot circuits. Anti-fog treated. Anti-scratch treated. Marking 2-1, 2 SFE 1 B 8-1-0-K-3
Lens Colour = Grey
Guard Type = Chin
Resistant To = Impact
Body Colour = White

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