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Interchangeable lens elements which can be used to convert the dot projected by a LaserLyte-Flex Laser into a line, cross or 4x4 grid line. The wider angle optics utilise a moulded multi-rod lens, the 9° cross optic has a DOE (diffractive optical element) lens. The optics are for use with 697-3557. The following optics are available:. 127-1548 Line Optic, 18°. 127-1549 Line Optic, 30°. 697-3569 Line Optic, 60°. 697-3572 Line Optic, 90°. 697-3579 Cross Optic, 9°. 697-3581 Cross Optic, 60°. 127-1550 Cross Optic, 100°. 127-1547 4x4 Grid optic
Beam Emission Shape = Cross
Lens Type = DOE
Fan Angle = 9°
Exit Aperture Size = 5mm


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Optical Lenses
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Laser / Heat Resistant
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