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Best Form Lenses, Mounted (Crown Glass)

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Best Form Lenses, Mounted (Crown Glass)-Image
  • Precision lenses for use at infinite object distance
  • Spherical (aperture-dependent) aberration minimized
  • N-BK7 lenses with ARB2 coating
  • Lens mounts fit to Microbench or Nanobench system
  • Broadband anti-reflection coating ARB2 for the visible spectral range (R < 0.5 % for λ = 450-700 nm on lenses made of N-BK7)
  • Tolerances: Focal length f': ±2 %, image distance s': ±2 %
  • For customized optics and higher volumes please contact our sales team for your individual quotation.


Product Category
Optical Lenses
Lens Type
Spherical Lens
Lens Application
Focal Length
4 to 20 mm (0.1575 to 0.7874 inch)
Center Thickness
2 to 3 mm (0.0787 to 0.1181 inch)
Edge Thickness
Diameter / Length
Lens Features