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16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B Switch with Telnet & GUI -- Model 6325R

16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B Switch with Telnet & GUI -- Model 6325R -- View Larger Image
16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B Switch with Telnet & GUI -- Model 6325R-Image

The QuickSwitch® Model 6325R 16-Channel ST Simplex A/B Switch with Telnet and GUI allows a device connected to the “COM” port access to the “A” or “B” port, for each channel. The Model 6325R is enclosed in a 2U, full rack size, all metal black chassis designed to provide EMI/RFI shielding and fit in a standard 19” rack The switch may be controlled manually via the front panel pushbuttons. Remote Control access can be accomplished using an Ethernet 10/100BASE-T connection and Telnet commands and allows the user to both control and monitor the switch position. The Graphical User Interface is also accessible through the RJ45 Remote port. The front panel LED display indicates the position for each channel and the unit power status.


  • Independent channel control via front panel pushbuttons or Remote Control.
  • Control of the switch position from a 10/100-Base-T LAN Ethernet environment.
  • Remote Control Telnet command interface or Graphical User Interface that allows the user to control switch position, lockout front panel operations, obtain switch status, as well as, query firmware version number, query serial number, and enable/disable autosend of switch positions.
  • Change all 16 Channel positions, simultaneously via the GUI Global Channel Change Checkbox or Telnet Commands.
  • Front panel LED’s display present position for each channel as well as power status.
  • All fiber signals are switched via break-before-make MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology.
  • The switch ports are transparent to all data.
  • All A, B and COM ports are ST Simplex, Single mode, 9/125 micron, and support a wavelength of 1300-1550nm.
  • Switch maintains position on power loss and continues to pass data.
  • Model 6325R is RoHS compliant.


Product Category
Fiber Optic Switches
Cable Type
Single Mode
Connector Type
Wavelength Range
1310 to 1550 nm (13100 to 15500 Å)
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