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Berk-Tek 12 x OS1 Premise Distribution Plenum Cable,.. -- PDP012AB0707

Berk-Tek 12 x OS1 Premise Distribution Plenum Cable,.. -- PDP012AB0707 -- View Larger Image
Berk-Tek 12 x OS1 Premise Distribution Plenum Cable,.. -- PDP012AB0707-Image

Berk-Tek’s tight buffered, fiber optic cable is designed for installation in plenum, riser and horizontal environments and inter-building backbone structures.Cable has 900 µm buffered fibers surrounded by aramid yarns. Sheathed using a special, state-of-the-art polymer material.
- Flexible, small diameter, 900 µm tight buffered construction
- Six to 144 count fiber construction plenum designs ideal for horizontal and backbone installation
- High tensile strength and small diameter design
- Support token ring, 10BASE-F, Fast Ethernet, FOIRL, Fiber Channel FC-PH, ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Sonet, voice, video and other networking applications
- Cost-saving design, easy to install and terminate
- Provides for greater pulling distances thus reducing installation time
- Print has consecutive foot markings every two feet along length of the cable
- Assurance that cables will meet required specifications for communication networking applications
- One cable design meeting all structured cabling network communications applications
- Configuration - Twelve buffer coated fiber are in a matix of aramid strength members
- Type of cable - Tight Buffered (TB)
- Fiber optic type - SM (G.652D)
- Outer sheath Plenum
- Sheath colour Yellow
- Number of optical bers 12
- Maximum installation tension 150 lb
- Maximum installation tension 667.0 N
- Max. loading - Instillation 300 Lbs and long term is 90 Lbs
- Minimum Bending Radius - Installation 3.2 in and long term at 2.1 inches

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