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Corning Cable FREEDM One Plenum Cable, Single-Mode -- 006R8P-31131-29


Riser cable with aramid yard strength member, PVC riser and plenum rated thermoplastic. Choose riser and plenum distribution cables for: riser cabling, office cabling, factory floor automation.
- Non Plenum (OFNR)
- Tight buffer: thermoplastic
- Strength member: aramid yarn
- Jacket: riser - PVC, plenum - plenum rated thermoplastic
- Crush Resistance (EIA-455-41): 2000N/cm
- Impact Resistance (EIA-455-25): 2000 Impacts @1.6 N-m
- Cyclic Flexing (EIA-455-104): 2000 Cycles, min.
- Min. Ben Radius, Installation: 15X Cable O.D.
- Min. Ben Radius, Long Term: 10X Cable O.D.

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