Multiconductor Cables from HAVE, Inc.

HAVEFlex 2Cond Bantam Patch 1' -- 20L2016B-01BLA

HAVEFlex 2Cond Bantam Patch 1' -- 20L2016B-01BLA -- View Larger Image
HAVEFlex 2Cond Bantam Patch 1' -- 20L2016B-01BLA-Image

Our high-performance 2 conductor TT Bantam Patch cables are handcrafted with super flexible Canare L2E5 cable and high performance Neutrik NP3TTP patch plugs. Interface to your panel easily and quickly. Great for use with HAVE's Universal patchbays, and patch bays from Canare, ADC, AVP, Neutrik, Switchcraft and Re-An. The B in the part number designates BLACK connector backshell color.

  • Conductor: 26 AWG, 30 strand Copper conductors for maximum flexibility and reduced handling noise
  • Special IPE insulation
  • Shield: >96% Copper High-density TAC Braid.
  • Special compound PVC outer jacket resists cracking even in sub-zero applications
  • Conductor DC Resistance: <38.7 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Shield DC Resistance: <6.7 ohms/1000 ft.
  • Hand assembly with true silver solder in our ownGuild Shop.
  • Pure performance Neutrik NP3TTP Patch Plugs with BLACK backshell for color coding.
  • Standard Color: Black
  • HAVEFlex™ LIFETIME Warranty.