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Portable Cord -- 2860 - 2869

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Portable Cord -- 2860 - 2869-Image

Each conductor, stranded bare copper, paper separator, color coded rubber or plastic insulation, filler [where necessary] separator, tough thermoplastic jacket.For power line requirement where rough usage is indicated as for amplifiers, sound systems, speakers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, trouble lights, refrigerators, etc. Color coded. Underwriters approved, neoprene and plastic construction recommended for equipment exposed to oil, acids outdoor use, direct burial, etc.


Product Category
Multiconductor Cables
Product Category
Number of Conductors
2 to 4 #
Rated Voltage
0.3000 to 0.6000 kilovolts
Rated Temperature
-20 to 60 C (-4 to 140 F)
North American
6 to 18 AWG
Cable Jacket
Cable Insulation
Cable Conductor
Standards / Certifications
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