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DAFLEX Extra-Flexible Miniature & Subminiature Cable -- 2703 - 2704

DAFLEX Extra-Flexible Miniature & Subminiature Cable -- 2703 - 2704 -- View Larger Image
DAFLEX Extra-Flexible Miniature & Subminiature Cable -- 2703 - 2704-Image

Description: Daflex extra flexible sub-miniature cables are constructed using our popular #2671 line of ultra flexible hook-up wire, which uses fine, soft bare copper stranding and thin PVC walls, designed for continuous flexing applications such as data processing, mercury thermostats, magnetic memory drums, rotation servo platforms and robotics. The insulation offers superior limpness and flexing characteristics from -40°C to +105°C. It is specially formulated to minimize kinking and fatigue, and it resists acids, alkalis, oils, solvents.
Stranded soft bare copper conductors insulated with thin walls of specially formulated flexible PVC. When shielded, thin 44 or 40 awg tinned copper braid shield with 90% minimum coverage. Cables have gray flexible thin PVC jackets overall.

This series is RoHS compliant.


Product Category
Multiconductor Cables
Product Category
Number of Conductors
2 to 5 #
Rated Voltage
0.6000 kilovolts
Rated Temperature
-40 to 105 C (-40 to 221 F)
North American
26 to 28 AWG
Cable Jacket
Cable Insulation
Cable Conductor
Cable Shielding
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