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MPT Series Power Transformer (BETA) -- MPT-2S-1-24

MPT Series Power Transformer (BETA) -- MPT-2S-1-24 -- View Larger Image
MPT Series Power Transformer (BETA) -- MPT-2S-1-24-Image

Beta has been manufacturing transformers for nearly 20 years, developing an expertise unmatched for producing low-to medium-power transformers. Whether you require a transformer for a medium-power, switching power supply or a simple reference transformer for a synchro/resolver circuit, Beta can design and build to your specifications or provide you with one of our high-quality standard reference transformers.

Beta's Design Engineers make sure that you receive the EMI/RFI isolation, input/output voltages, and the package type you require for optimum performance. As the photo shows, Beta power transformers are available in a variety of package configurations including: open frame, potted, pc-board mount or chassis mount. Give Beta the opportunity to meet your Power Transformer requirements in your next design.


Product Category
Power Transformers
Transformer Type
Power Transformer
Surface Mount
Toroidal Core
Primary Frequency
Single Phase Configuration
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Secondary Current Rating
Power Rating (VA)
Operating Temperature
Output Type
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