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Angled Fixed Terminal Block -- ELMM Angled Modular Series

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Angled Fixed Terminal Block -- ELMM Angled Modular Series-Image

High Board Density
The angled .200" (5.08mm) low profile ELMM series incorporates a 45° angle to maximize use of space by allowing terminal blocks to be stacked front-to-back, providing users full access to wires and screws even when the blocks are fully wired. The angled wire entry also facilitates training of wires in the desired direction. Blocks feature moving cage clamp termination.
Modular Construction
The terminal blocks are molded as 2- to 10-position modules with interlocking dovetails and can be assembled to length without loss of pin spacing. Longer connectors are readily assembled from modules. Users can purchase modules or assemblies to specific size, or stock a limited number of smaller modules and assemble in-house to suit requirements.
Options and Variations
Terminations are available in black or green. Contact Amphenol Pcd for information on marking and other application-specific variations.

Product Category
Terminal Blocks
Mounting Options
Mechanical Specifications
# of Contacts
2 to 20
Contacts Pitch
5.08 mm (0.20 inches)
45 Degree Entry
Body Material
PBT, UL94V-0

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