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10.00mm Pin Spacing – Fixed PCB Blocks -- MHEB-2512

10.00mm Pin Spacing – Fixed PCB Blocks -- MHEB-2512 -- View Larger Image
10.00mm Pin Spacing – Fixed PCB Blocks -- MHEB-2512-Image

Altech is pleased to announce a new, more extensive printed circuit board terminal block line.This line offers the standard single and double level fixed and pluggable terminal blocks in metric and US pin spacings. However, this product line goes beyond our past standard offering.There is now a wider array of products within each pin spacing as well as new types of blocks such as 35°, reverse horizontal wire entry, and triple level fixed blocks, card edge connectors, panel feed through blocks, barrier strips, and plugs/headers with screw flanges.This product assortment combined with the new pricing structure makes this line extremely competitive.

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks give you highly dependable connections without the need for wire lugs. Choose either tubular screw clamps or box clamps when economy is paramount or screw-cage clamps for heavy-duty applications. In each case, simply strip and insert the wire and tighten the screw. We recommend the use of ferrules, especially for export applications and whenever fine stranded wires must be terminated.

Our board mounted terminal blocks meet or exceed most international standards and are accepted worldwide. They’re available in single, double and triple level configurations with both, millimeter and inch pin spacings. All leave mini footprints to save valuable real estate.

Product Category
Terminal Blocks
Mounting Options
Mechanical Specifications
Terminal Block Type
Single Feed Through; PCB Terminal Blocks
# of Contacts
Conductor Size
North American
14 to 30 AWG

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Electrical Specifications
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