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Single and double pole switches available in black or white bodies either illuminated or non-illuminated. Red or green illumination suitable for 240Vac operation. Silver alloy contacts, moulded in Nylon 6.6 and with a silk texture finish. Connection via .250in push-on receptacles. Dielectric strength 2kV. Contact rating 16(A) @ 250Vac. Insulation Resistance ≥1000MΩ. 5 x 10^4 ops. Suitable hole cutters, single-pole (stock no. 614-334), double-pole (stock no. 614-328)
Contact Configuration = SPDT
Switch Operation = (On)-Off-(On)
Panel Cut Out Width = 12.2mm
Panel Cut Out Height = 27.2mm
Contact Current Rating = 16 A@ 250 V ac
Actuator Colour = Black
Mounting Type = Panel
Terminal Type = Quick Connect
Panel Cut Out Size = 27.2 x 12.2mm


Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Rocker Switches
Switch Function
Maintained Contact Switch Function
Three Position (Center OFF)
Momentary Contact Switch Function
Length / Diameter
1.07 inch (27.2 mm)
0.4803 inch (12.2 mm)
Pole & Throw Specifications
Current Rating
AC Voltage Rating
Terminal Type
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