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The Omron G6B series PCB power relay is a subminiature, low power consumption device that features a unique moving loop armature that aids in the reduction of relay size, magnetic interference and contact bounce time. Omron G6B power relays are high capacity, high dialectric strength, fully sealed devices with an impulse withstand voltage of 6kV. The G6B series would be ideal for output applications of control equipment.
Subminiature: 20x10x10mm. Low 200 mW power consumption
Voltage = 250V ac
For Use With = G6B(U)-1114P-US-P6B, G6B-1174P-US-P6B
Accessory Type = Socket
CAD Drawing = 3D CAD Model
Number of Contacts = 4


OMRON Automation and Safety
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Relay Sockets
250 volts
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