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Hobbes USA Power IQ Surge Protector -- PAM-100

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Power IQ Surge Protector. As more peripherals are added on personal computers, power management and protection becomes more and more important. PowerGuard MAS is designed with a special function, which allows the user to remotely control all power on/off from computer power switch. It saves time to turn on/off your separately located peripherals’ power switch or the main switch of inaccessible power strip. Furthermore, three of the power receptacles of PowerGuard MAS were designed with wider spaces between them than traditional power strips to support oversized adapters. It also provides a complete protection for your computers and peripherals from dangerous power surges, spikes, and reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) emitted from other equipment in the office/factory. The advanced model is equipped with the surge protection and RFI filtration for the line connecting from your modem/fax/telephone lines.
- Centrally Controlled function allows remote control of the power on/off from the main power switch
- Switch to enable and disable the Central Control function
- Audible and visual indicators too monitor the power protection and receptacles power on/off status
- Exclusive isolated filter eliminates interference from AC power fluctuations
- Superior surge protection
- Protection in all three AC modes: hot to neutral, hot to ground, and neutral to ground
- Protects sensitive equipment including computers, network nodes, servers, modems, peripherals and office/home appliances