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Panamax Max 4300 Audio/Video Surge Suppressor -- M4300

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Panamax Max 4300 Audio/Video Surge Suppressor -- M4300-Image

Noise filtration and power protection for audio/video systems.
- State of the Art Filtration System:
- AC outlets are fed through a Balanced "L” filtration circuit to eliminate EMI/RFI noise on all three power paths (L-N,L-G&N-G;) so even equipment with 2-blade plugs receive clean uncontaminated power
- SurgeGate Plus Circuitry:
- A Power monitoring system that acts as a gate to prevent unsafe voltages from damaging sensitive electronic equipment it automatically detects a prolonged over or undervoltage condition and disconnects the power to equipment, then reconnects it when the power returns to a safe level
- SignalPerfect Technology
- For 2 coaxial (1 satellite TV & 1 off-air/cable TV) lines and 1 pay-per-view telephone line provides optimized, application specific protection against signal line surges
- Protect or Disconnect Technology
- Protection circuitry for catastrophic surges
- Convenience Features:
- DC Voltage trigger input for initiating a start-up/shut-down sequence LED Voltmeter indicates line voltage
- Panamax Audio Video products purchased through unauthorized internet
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