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ITW Linx SurgeGate 8 Surge Protector -- ITW-M8

ITW Linx SurgeGate 8 Surge Protector -- ITW-M8 -- View Larger Image
ITW Linx SurgeGate 8 Surge Protector -- ITW-M8-Image

SurgeGate 8 Surge Protector- 8 transformer spaced AC outlets, 15 amps, surgegate plus auto-resetting technology, wall or floor mount.
Applications: SOHO
- Replaces GNM0600 & GNM4400
- Exclusive SurgeGate circuitry is a "power monitoring" system that protects AC equipment against prolonged over-voltages, as well as surges. In the event of a prolonged over-voltage, SurgeGate Ciruitry will disconnect power to equipment, then automatically reconnect it once power has returned to a safe level
- Expandable protection
- Customize your signal line protection with an unlimited number of add-on MAX AllPath modules
- Eight AC power outlets
- All outlets are spaced for transformers
- Four outlets always on and four switched outlets provide maximum flexibility
- Space saving right angle plug