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The Parallax Serial LCDs are very functional, low-cost liquid crystal displays that can be easily interfaced to and controlled by a microcontroller using a I/O pin. Code examples are included for the BASIC Stamp® and Propellerâ„¢ chip. The LCD displays provide basic text wrapping so that your text looks correct on the display. Full control over all of their advanced LCD features allows you to move the cursor anywhere on the display with a single instruction and turn the display on and off in any configuration. They support the same visible characters as the BASIC Stamp Editors Debug Terminal (ASCII Dec 32-127). In addition, you may define up to eight of your own custom characters to display anywhere on the LCD.
Clear 4 line x 20 character display. Turn backlighting on or off with a single command. Directly supports ASCII DEC characters 32-127. Eight user-definable custom characters. Move the cursor anywhere on the display with a single command. Baud mode selector and adjustable contrast on the back of the display. Power requirement: +5Vdc, 20mA (light off), 80mA (light on). Selectable UART serial baud rates: 2400, 9600, 19200. Dimensions: 60.2 x 98.1mm. Operating temp range: -20 to +70°C
Display Type = Alphanumeric
Character Matrix = 4 Rows by 20 Characters
Characters per Row = 20
Character Rows = 4
Character Height = 8mm
Character Width = 5mm
External Depth = 60.2mm
Backlight Type = LED
Illumination Colour = Black
Background Colour = Green


Parallax, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
Display Type
Character Display
Number of Lines
Characters per Line
Character Width
5 mm (0.1969 inch)
Character Height
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