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Compact size ideal for hand held equipment.
Single +5V supply. Low power. Display commands: clear, shift, on/off, read, write. KS0066 CMOS controller and driver. 16x2 types have a black bezel. 20x2 types have a nickel-plated bezel. Temperature range 0°C to +50°C. SMT connector (ZIF) and flat flex cable interconnecting kit 351-6069 available separately
Display Type = Alphanumeric
Character Matrix = 2 Rows by 20 Characters
Character Rows = 2
Characters per Row = 20
Character Width = 1.9mm
External Depth = 8.5mm
External Dimensions = 20 x 8.5 x 65mm
External Width = 20mm
Operating Temperature Range = 0 - +50°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +50°C

Product Category
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
Display Type
Character Display
Character Specs
Number of Lines
Characters per Line
Character Width
1.9 mm (0.0748 inch)

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External Dimensions
Operating Temperature

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