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The PaPiRus displays are a family of HATs for use with our range of Raspberry Pi products. The HATs are available in three different sized ePaper displays â€" small (1.44 in), medium (2.0 in) and large (2.7 in). There is also a multipack containing one of each size. ePaper displays were designed to present display text exactly like ink to paper. Plug the PaPiRus HAT on top of your Pi and you are ready to go with your project.
Features & Benefits. 3 different sizes. Energy saving. High resolution. Wide viewing angle. Great at reflecting light. Breakage detection. Holds text and images indefinately. Open wave form. 32 MB flash memory. Battery Real-Time Clock. EEPROM. Digital Temperature & Thermal Watchdog. Reset pin header (optional). 4 x slimline switches (optional). Suitable for a 3.3 V or 5 V power supply. Sizes Available. PaPiRus Multi Screens - (897-7147). PaPiRus Small - (121-8355). PaPiRus Medium - (121-8356). PaPiRus Large - (121-8357)
Display Type = Graphic
Resolution = 200 x 96 pixels
Display Matrix Technology = TFT
Display Mode = Reflective
Display Diagonal Size = 2in


Product Category
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
Display Type
Graphic Display
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