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The reflective Fordata display series boasts a reflective LCD screen presenting crisp and clear text over a green background. Its STN display matrix technology enables the screen to function at less power and runs at just 5 V. The monochrome passive-matrix display has superior characteristics against its TN predecessor with a 180° to 270° twisted display molecule over the 90° twist in standard TN displays.
5 x 8 dots with cursor. Build-in controller (SPLC780D or Equivalent). Power supply +5 V. 1/16 duty cycle
Display Type = Alphanumeric
Character Matrix = 4 Rows by 16 Characters
Character Rows = 4
Characters per Row = 16
Character Width = 3mm
External Dimensions = 60 x 87mm
External Width = 87mm
Viewing Area Dimensions = 61.8 x 25.2mm
Background Colour = Green
Viewing Area Height = 25.2mm


Product Category
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
Display Type
Character Display
Number of Lines
Characters per Line
Character Width
3 mm (0.1181 inch)
Viewing Area Width
Viewing Area Height
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