Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules from RS Components, Ltd.


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Range of 128 x 64 pixel displays
Display Type = Graphic
Resolution = 128 x 64pixels
Viewing Area Width = 60.6mm
Viewing Area Dimensions = 60.6 x 33.1mm
Viewing Area Height = 33.1mm
External Depth = 5.7mm
Background Colour = Black
Illumination Colour = White
Backlight Type = LED
External Width = 68.8mm

Displaytech Ltd.
Manufacturer Part Number
64128L FC BW-3
Product Category
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
Display Type
Graphic Display
Viewing Area
Viewing Area Width
60.6 mm (2.39 inch)
Viewing Area Height
33.1 mm (1.3 inch)

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External Dimensions

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