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The CI064-4021-xxx series from Intelligent Display Solutions (IDS) is a comprehensive range of LCD COG Graphic Modules. The available LCD modes and backlight options offered provide a large range of specifications to suit a wide variety of applications. The process of integrating a CI064-4021-xxx LCD Module is simplified by development tools and assets available from IDS. Raspberry Pi and Arduino programming code, demos and a breakout board (IDB-CI064-4021-XX-01, RS part 1247540) are all offered to assist with rapid prototyping.
128 x 64 dot format. Wide range of LCD mode and LED backlight options. Simple interface with 8 bit parallel or serial. Low-power operation. On-chip DC-DC converter. Internal contrast control. Built-in temperature compensation. Viewing direction: 6 o’clock. Driving scheme: 1/65 duty cycle, 1/9 bias
CI064-4021-29 - FFSTN Negative Transmissive - RS Part 1247536. CI064-4021-12 - FSTN Negative Transmissive - RS Part 1247522. CI064-4021-06 - FSTN Positive Transflective - RS Part 1247519. CI064-4021-23 - STN Positive Yellow Transflective - RS Part 1247530
Display Type = Graphic
Resolution = 128 x 64
Viewing Area Dimensions = 66.41 x 32mm
Viewing Area Height = 32mm
Viewing Area Width = 66.41mm
Interface Type = 8-Bit Parallel, I2C, Serial
External Depth = 6.8mm
Backlight Type = LED
Illumination Colour = Orange
Background Colour = Black


Product Category
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Modules
Display Type
Graphic Display
Viewing Area Width
Viewing Area Height
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