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Bunting® Mini-Loader Magnet

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Many plastics processors are turning to smaller volume, closed-loop systems. These “Just-in-Time" systems dry resin at a central point and then convey small amounts to the molding machine. Seeing a special need for magnetic protection against ferrous contaminants in such operations, Bunting Magnetics now manufactures two drawer magnets specifically designed for these systems.

Mounted on the throat of the processing machine, both of these drawer magnets come with Bunting’s exclusive Power Balanced Magnetic Cartridges® and an O-ring seal to prevent air leaks. The FFV Series of drawer magnets are designed to withstand pressures up to 15 in-hg without leakage. A clear polycarbonate drawer front allows easy monitoring of resin flow and tramp metal collection. The cartridge drawer pulls out of the housing for easy cleaning.


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