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Bunting® Low Profile Drawer Magnet

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When headroom is critical, you need Bunting’s Low Profile Drawer Magnet. No other drawer magnet can compare to Bunting’s proven design in a space-saving 5-11/16” overall height. You get a single row of our exclusive Power Balanced Permanent Magnetic Cartridges, clear polycarbonate drawer front, and rigid 10-gauge steel construction--the same features that make our standard drawer magnets far and away the most popular in the industry. Where you have additional clearance, you can even install these units with our original No Spill™ Slide Gate option. Rare earth magnetic cartridges are also available to trap and hold extremely fine or marginally magnetic ferrous material. We’ll pre-drill the unit’s rugged 1⁄4" thick flanges to your specifications at no extra charge.


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