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Consists of a large ferrite drum core with enamel copper wire winding with a flame-retardant lacquer coating. Suitable for RF blocking and filtering, decoupling and interference suppression, antenna systems, energy saving lamps and automotive electronics. LBC type also suitable for telecommunications (16 kHz blocking filter). Inductance indicated by colour bands in accordance with IEC 62 (µH)
Inductance = 470 μH
Maximum DC Current = 170mA
Mounting Type = Axial
Maximum DC Resistance = 7.9Ohms
Tolerance = ±5%
Diameter = 4mm
Length = 11.5mm
Dimensions = 4 (Dia.) x 11.5mm
Core Material = Ferrite
Maximum Self Resonant Frequency = 2.2MHz

Product Category
Inductors, Coils, and Chokes
General Specifications
Core Material
Lead Style
Inductance Range
470 microH
Inductance Tolerance
-5 to 5 (+/- %)

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Rated DC Current

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