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RS Pro Surface mount toroidal inductors are excellent for filtering high frequency signals while supporting a substantial DC Current. These SMD inductors can be used in applications where energy storage is required for storage of a highly stable inductance when a rapid change in current occurs. The RS Pro chokes have an operating frequency to 1 MHz and include high energy storage with low saturation.
Inductance = 220 μH
Maximum DC Current = 940mA
Length = 12mm
Depth = 12mm
Height = 9.1mm
Dimensions = 12 x 12 x 9.1mm
Tolerance = ±15%
Maximum DC Resistance = 298mOhms
Series = LCP
Maximum Self Resonant Frequency = 1MHz


Product Category
Inductors, Coils, and Chokes
Inductance Range
220 microH
Inductance Tolerance
-15 to 15 (+/- %)
Rated DC Current
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