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A cost effective solution to accurate tensile and compression measurement, handheld or jig mountable.
Large clear display & tough blue aluminium case. Menu driven, displays N, kN gf, kgf, ozf & lbf. Audible & visual overload indication. Max and Peak readouts. RS-232, Analogue & Mitutoyo data outputs. Backlit display & auto power down function. Invertable display for handheld or horizontal applications. Full unit conversion of displayed value. Overload warning with trend bar. Diagnostic check of load cell. Two rear M5 x 0.8 (5.5mm deep) tapped holes for machine mounting. Internal stud thread M6 x 1.0
Range = 20 kgf, 200 N, 20000 gf, 44 lbf, 720 ozf
Best Accuracy = ±0.25 %
Measurement Units = gf, kgf, kN, lbf, mN, N, ozf
Resolution = 0.005 kgf, 0.01 lbf, 0.05 N, 0.2 ozf, 5 gf
Sampling Rate = 1000Hz
Digital Output = RS232
Battery Life = 20 h
Battery Type = AAA
Dimensions = 30.9 x 77 x 202mm
Weight = 500g


Product Category
Force and Load Sensors
Force Rating
44 to 45 lbs (19.95 to 20.41 kg)
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