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Mechanical force gauge with spring measuring system and pointer display in N and kg. Switchable between peak value reading and continuous measurement. Measures tractive and compressive forces, with zero position and tare function. Measurement accuracy ±1%, overload protection for 150% of final value. Measuring range upon reaching peak load: 10 mm. Dimensions 50 x 60 x 230 mm, weight 560 g. For use on all test stands with four M3 screws
Range = 200N
Best Accuracy = ±1 %
Measurement Units = kg, N
Resolution = 1 N
Dimensions = 230 x 60 x 50mm
Weight = 560g
Height = 50mm
Length = 230mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = +10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +30°C


Product Category
Force and Load Sensors
Force Rating
44.96 lbs (20.39 kg)
Operating Temperature
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