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Model 31 low range precision miniature load cells measures both tension and compression load forces of 50 grams to 500 g. These models are our highest accuracy, rugged miniature load cells. Model 31’s welded, stainless steel construction is designed to eliminate or reduce to a minimum, the effects of off-axis loads. High accuracies of 0.15% ïƒ 0.25% full scale are achieved. Each bonded strain gage unit is built of welded 17-4 PH stainless steel for additional ruggedness. A modification permit allows this model to be completely welded for underwater applications. Model 31’s tension / compression load cells has male thread attachments.
50g to 500 g. mV/V output. Stainless steel. Miniature design. Double diaphragm construction
Force Measured = Compression, Tension
Force/ Load Measurement Range = Maximum of 453.59kg
Maximum Excitation Voltage = 5V dc
Output At Rated Load = 2mV/V
Housing Material = Stainless Steel
Terminal Type = Wire Lead
Overall Height = 19.05mm
Overall Width = 25.4 (Dia.)mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -53°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +121°C

Product Category
Force and Load Sensors
Force Rating
1000 lbs (454 kg)

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Force Measured
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